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What can we create and communicate on such a topic as HIV/AIDS?

What can we create and communicate on such a topic as HIV/AIDS?

We believe that creative education is our most powerful weapon in the struggle against HIV and AIDS. Once you know how HIV can be transmitted, you also learn that it's preventable and that you can protect yourself from it . This is how you can share what you know with others. But your contribution can go on.

Express your thoughts and reflections on HIV/AIDS not only through words but also through new forms of expression such as digital arts. Art is an expressive and creative communicational tool, which can be used regardless of language barriers and cultural differences. Wouldn’t you like to discuss with young people living in the other part of the world on what they think about HIV/AIDS? Why not create a collaborative digital art piece with someone who is living with HIV/AIDS?

This is what our programme “Youth creating and communicating on HIV/AIDS” invites you to do. Through this programme, you will be able to express your feelings, experiences on HIV/AIDS and exchange these unique reflections with other peers around the world by making joint digital creations.

Training workshops on creative digital tools at Dak'Art Biennale 2006

Within the framework of Dak'Art_Lab of the Dak'Art Biennale 2006 (5 May-5 June 2006, Senegal-Dakar), which is the laboratory of Art and Technologies serving as a platform of encounters between scientists, technicians and artists, a special programme promoting digital artistic practices in Africa is to take place in partnership with the Daniel Langlois Foundation and the UNESCO DigiArts team through its networking component of DigiArts Africa.

As one of the major activities of the UNESCO-Daniel Langlois Foundation Programme at Dak'Art_Lab 2006, two separate workshops are to take place at Ecole Nationale des Arts de Dakar with the participation of its students. One workshop dedicated to visual digital creation is to be held on 8-12 May 2006 with the fine arts students of the Ecole, where as a number of music academy students are to participate in another workshop on electro-acoustic sound practices on 6-7, 13-14 May 2006.

The training programme and resources of the workshops are based on the following two online learning applications of the UNESCO Young Digital Creators Programme of DigiArts.

1. Workshop on visual digital creation "Youth creating and communicating on HIV and AIDS"
  • Moderated by artist-trainer Marcus Newsletter(media artist, South Africa), assisted by Tereza Wagner (UNESCO DigiArts).

  • 2. Workshop on electro-acoustic sound making "Sound of our water"
  • Moderated by trainer Pascal Joube assisted by Doyun Lee (UNESCO DigiArts).

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