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Explore the various types of creative software, which will enable you to retouch visual images, edit sounds, combine different sources of images together, and to do all sorts of other cool digital things. To use the tools, first you will have to download the software on your computer. They are free software so do not worry about paying for them. Then open the files/links of tutorials, which could help you manipulate the software. If you still have trouble with the software, go to Ask for Help.

See also Digital Creation with Sounds and Music.

NameTypeOSDescriptionFile SizeScreenshotDownload
Gimp v1.2ImageWin98/ME/2000/XPCreate and edit your graphics with this tool11.4MBClick here
Gimp v1.2ImageLinuxCreate and edit your graphics with this toolN/AClick here
Windows Movie MakerMoviesWin XPCreate your movie sequences from images11.9MBClick here
Virtual Dub v1.5.1MoviesWin98/ME/2000/XPConverting and compresing video streams692kbClick here
Hammer Head Rhythm Station 1.0SoundWin98/ME/2000/XPCreate funky drum loops1.43MBClick here
Audacity v1.0.0SoundWin98/ME/2000/XPRecord sounds, play sounds, import and export WAV, AIFF, and MP31.55MBClick here
Audacity v1.0.0SoundLinuxRecord sounds, play sounds, import and export WAV, AIFF, and MP3N/AClick here

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 Who am I?
 What is HIV/AIDS?
 Others and me
 How am I at risk?
 Living with HIV/AIDS

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