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Anna is 10 years old. She lives in Namibia, and she is HIV-positive. Her mother died four years ago from AIDS. Anna now lives with a relative, but feels alone and in need of love.

Maria is 13. She writes: “I have HIV and I've known I've been living with it for four years. I was told by my doctor. When I first found out I had the virus, I thought that I was going to die very soon. I cried so bad but my mum and dad comforted me. I was 9 years old at the time. It was like I'd lost a piece of my heart. Pity, anger and sadness were what I felt. Also the question, why me, out of billions of people, why me!”

HIV and AIDS – what are they? How do they touch me? Loads have been written on the subject, also on the Web. We try and give you some of the most useful links, and through a series of questions and ideas, give you things to think about, questions you might ask yourself, and situations you might imagine… These are just starting points. You will probably have much more to say. You can express yourself, your thoughts, your doubts and fears, your hopes and hope-inspiring ideas… Share them with others in words, music, images: write a story, a song, a sketch, make a digital picture or piece of music… anything that in turn will set others thinking and reacting to what you say.

The Resources are divided in five chapters.
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Who am I?

What is HIV/AIDS?

Others and me

How am I at risk?

Living with HIV/AIDS

Explore different topics on HIV/AIDS

 Who am I?
 What is HIV/AIDS?
 Others and me
 How am I at risk?
 Living with HIV/AIDS

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